Shaping a better world by thinking circular.

Shaping a  better world by  thinking circular.

CooLoo Circular Canopy

We believe that beautiful, high-quality design and art can be created sustainably within a circular economy. Shaping a better world by thinking circular! With our collaborators and partners, we bring people together and inspire international companies and designers to close the circle.

Waste materials from the leather, cork, linoleum, pearl-glass and even banknotes are being re-used to create unique and innovative art and design. CooLoo Circular Canopy shows how you can create stylish and durable products with the use of waste materials, and showcases groundbreaking technology of collaborators that allows to design out waste entirely. A new economy is on the horizon.

CooLoo and Thed Konings have brought together companies, institutions, designers, artists and architects who are already working on circular solutions. To challenge their thinking about what design can be in the future and to share this with the creative industry and society at large. Take a look at the collaborators page and get to know the companies and designers involved. Not all we do is perfect yet … but this group is leading the change to close the circle.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic we are seeing, in a very brutal and confronting way, that our old globalized and linear models are not feasible for the future. We also have to steer away from the path of cheap outsourcing with large supply chains to gain small profits.

The Salone del Mobile has been postponed to April 2021 due to the implications of the pandemic on our interconnected world. This emphasizes our sustainable and circular message, in a more stringent way than ever before. We will keep moving forward to keep closing circles together.

CooLoo Circular Canopy


CooLoo develops and produces products and finishes for interiors, furniture, acoustic solutions and industrial applications based on innovative coating technologies. The freedom of form that these techniques offer in combination with the use of waste materials lead to unique, circular products  designed within the sustainable philosophy of CooLoo.

CooLoo believes the Netherlands and Europe should be at the forefront of sustainability and circularity.  Themes that are central to CooLoo's vision of how we need to use materials and create functional and stunning objects. This is why they teamed up with Ducht artist Thed Konings to create the CooLoo Circular Canopy and develop circular art and design pieces together with the inspiring team of collaborators and partners.

Thed Konings

After their first encounters during the Salone del Mobile and Masterly The Hague in 2019, Thed Konings was sparked with the idea to create a large exhibition based on the possibilities and philosophies that the CooLoo technologies hold. The Lyon-based interior artist invented his Wasted Mountains concept in which he boldly takes you for a dive in the waste we create.

This results in an inspiring collection of chairs and sofas made from waste materials. Like his Great Balls of Waste chair and the already iconic centerpiece called the One Billion Euro Sofa.

His limitless imagination, endless energy,  and sustainable message combine into fearless design that puts waste materials at its center. Thed Konings' Wasted Mountains tell the story of how the notions of circularity and sustainability can be incorporated into art and design.