De Eker

Who are we

De Eker gives used Dutch cork stoppers a new life. The initiative wants to make sure this beautiful material does not go to waste after a single use. Within different markets De Eker generates and supplies new raw cork material and even end products. Ranging from corkgranules to corkpowder combined with bio based binders and natural dyes.


CooLoo Circular Canopy

Cork is a natural material that can be extracted from the cork oak approximately once every 10 years without harming the tree. The fact that cork stoppers are a single use product is a waste around the world. By reusing the cork stoppers, the cork stays in the loop. Keeping the captured CO² in the cork.

Collaborating with designers is useful to show the high-end use of cork in a tempting and visible way. By joining the CooLoo Circular Canopy at Masterly, De Eker wants to inspire and challenge designers and producers to start using this renewable resource. As well as tell the story to Dutch wine consumers and internationally inspire other countries to start re-using the wine corks!