Who are we

At Niaga®, we are future-proofing everyday products by making sure materials don't have to end up as waste. Ever. Together with our partners, we design out waste, completely. We design to use again. So far, we have developed mattresses, carpet, and furniture panels. They are healthier and fully recyclable, without compromising on performance. By scanning the Niaga® tag, you’ll see exactly what a product is made of and how it can be returned. More product redesigns are underway.


CooLoo Circular Canopy

Niaga® is proud to be part of a great and growing network of innovative partners that come from different places in the value chain. At CooLoo’s Circular Canopy, you’ll see Niaga®-tagged furniture panels used in different applications. Scan the Niaga® tag to see what’s inside and how the panels can be returned for reuse. A recyclable product that isn’t returned won’t be recycled. That’s why return is key. 

Niaga®-tagged panels are a healthy alternative to traditional furniture panels, as they’re free of formaldehyde and don’t contain added VOCs. This makes them great for indoor air quality. Our click-unclick Niaga® adhesive makes them easy to repair and refurbish, thereby significantly extending the panel’s use cycle. At the end of its use, it can be recycled back into a new one. We call it design to use again, and again and again.