Who are we

The unique innovative, lightweight, clean, VOC-free panel that is 100% recycled and recyclable is called ECOR. Turning residual fibers from agriculture, industry and urban cycles into advanced green material. Inventors Noble Environmental Technologies aspires for ECOR to be the waste-to-value conversion for fiber waste. Fulfilling the community of makers’ desires to create beautiful circular furniture, interior design and marketing materials.


CooLoo Circular Canopy

ECOR is only as strong as the community it is part of. Without the curious minds of designers, artists and producers eager to explore new, green materials - and keeping them green - ECOR could have remained a panel with potential.

It may be our technology that turns used fibers into panels, but it is our community that turns the panels into kitchens, works of art, exhibition booths or tabletops.

The CooLoo Circular Canopy at Masterly's Dutch Pavilion during the Salone del Mobile is a great opportunity to show the world that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder; and waste is only a matter of perspective. We invite all to experience #ecoreverywhere.