Margherita Soldati

Who are we 

This project is a collaboration between Margherita Soldati and Cecilia Raspanti and Ista Boszhard from Waag's TextileLab Amsterdam.

Margherita is a designer specialised in material research with a focus on the creation of patterns and textures and has a special interest in tactility/tactile perception and its use at the intersection of design and healthcare. TextileLab Amsterdam is a creative research lab combining digital fabrication processes, crafts techniques, textiles knowledge and material research into relevant opportunities for the textile, fashion and material fields and how these affect the way we work together towards change. 


CooLoo Circular Canopy

The textile and clothing sector is one of the most polluting value chains across the world. Fashion has become cheaper and seasonal collections are changing ever faster. Cheap and low-quality materials have shortened the actual time of usage and reduced the value of textile waste. Some garments are actually worn only 7-10 times before they are trashed. Cheap bulk production results in tons of unused, unsold and wasted clothes. In Amsterdam, 14,000 tons of textiles get disposed  annually. One-third gets collected and reused as clothing, while remaining ends in residual waste streams, reused as a resource or incinerated. Textile collected through underground and above ground containers too often gets polluted with residual or organic waste, and as such inappropriate for reuse. 

Tell me your story and I'll tell you what you will become!

With the belief that 'waste is not waste until you waste it', we want to promote a collective understanding of the unseen value of trashed textile resources.

Through storytelling, collective making and the future tracking and tracing of resources, we co-design a garment that narrates the story and origin of Amsterdam textile waste. By working with the resources saved from incineration, we demonstrate their value and showcase strategies that could bring a cultural change around the concept of circularity.