Mr. Voss

Who are we

Meneer Voss designs products, you’ve always desired. In his own unique way, but always with a practical approach. Rebellious with an elegant touch. Innovative with all-natural materials. #Seriousfun #Boldrealistic.


CooLoo Circular Canopy

“I aim to reveal the hidden beauty in every stone and to let the marble tell its own story.”

Artist Marijke Theunissen-Voss, 1935-2013.

As a child Meneer Voss would spend hours with his mother searching for the perfect rock on the waste sites of the Carrara mines in Italy. This inherent fascination with Carrara allows him to explore all various possibilities of this wonderful material. From the Pantheon to Michelangelo’s David, Carrara marble’s history is rooted in European art and architecture. By using the latest circular technologies in his designs Meneer Voss brings Carrara marble into the 21st century.