studio | detail

Who are we

studio | detail. is a design studio for interior, furniture and product design.

A search for balance between function, form language and experience in respect with the user and the environment.

A driven passion for natural materials and textures is the start of a thorough research into innovative and sustainable applications.

Always in search of the essence, a sober and soothing design.

The way is open, the sights are focused on sustainable designs and collaborations.


CooLoo Circular Canopy

The furniture is available in two versions in which sustainability is key.

circular coatings

The soft foam is given an ecological PU coating, finished with a circular coating from recycled industrial waste streams (cork, leather, rubber, jeans,…) developed by CooLoo.

The coatings are fully recoverable and recyclable at the end of their lifespan.

100% organic-based product

Cork is a material obtained from nature with various properties and possibilities. Due to the cork expansion process, the expanded cork offers the possibility to work with a 100% organic-based material.